Priscilla Hunt

Priscilla Hunt, Music Instructor at the Asheville Arts Center

Priscilla Hunt is an Asheville native and started playing violin at the age of five and a half. She graduated from Asbury College with a B.A. in music in 2005 and has been teaching and playing in the Asheville area since then. She plays in a contra dance band, the Reel Magnolias, and with the Blue Ridge Orchestra as well as teaching fiddle and violin.

Teaching Philosophy
I emphasize the tenants of Suzuki teaching: the importance of listening to music, parental involvement, and breaking concepts and skills down into small, success-oriented steps. The students musical preferences are taken into account in the incorporating of melodies outside the Suzuki repertoire. Ear and voice skills as well as calm concentration are developed with a variety of listening games. Parents of students younger than 10 can expect to learn the basics of posture and movement along with their child, so they can be effective “home teachers.” I believe each child is a precious person and I try to help each one know how wonderful they are while joyfully uncovering new abilities.

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