Viktorija Krulikas

Viktorija Krulikas, Music Instructor at the Asheville Arts Center

Viktorija Krulikas began playing violin at the age of four and piano at six. She graduated from UNC Asheville in 2007 with a B.A. in literature and a minor in music. While in college, she played with the UNCA String Ensemble, UNCA Symphony, and was a member of the UNCA String Quartet for 1 1/2 years. She has taken piano pedagogy lessons from Jane Weaver and studied violin under Inez Redman.

Viktorija began teaching her first student at the age of fourteen when a neighbor came through the fence every week for a violin lesson. She has been teaching ever since. She loves seeing a student’s face light up when a new concept clicks, whether it’s counting dotted quarter notes, hearing the difference between major and minor chords, or learning a particularly hard passage in a piece. Viktorija is a firm believer that music theory is an integral part of a good lesson. Looking back on her own childhood lessons, she realized that music theory – the “how” behind the music – is often ignored. During lessons, Viktorija strives to teach her students technique, as well as musical notation, sight reading and ear training, counting complex rhythms, and building intervals and chords.

When she’s not teaching, Viktorija is writing freelance articles for local magazines, reading (fluff books are just as important as thought-provoking novels!), spending time with family, which includes a big shaggy black poodle named Mika and small poodle/Westie mix Marmaduke, or driving up windy roads for a view of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

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